What to Expect

What to Expect in Group Healings, Workshops and Courses...

You are invited to come and experience a 


That is purely intuitive and unique, which allows you to have a personal soul level and holistic approach to balancing your soul, and energetic body needs.

In your group healing session, you are encouraged to bring anything to the table for it to be cleared. Whether it is a life pattern, programming, conditioning, mental, physical, emotional or spiritual problem or you are dealing with toxic relationships, health, love, manifestation, guilt, shame, abuse, lack of self-love, respect or just continuous random inner negative dialogue.

Whatever it may-be we will face your shadow, ego and victim self and bring peace harmony and realignment again to these areas of your life and soul.

Belinda and her assistant Danielle may use any of the following techniques to create powerful shifts for the soul group on the day:   



  • Crystalline Reiki Healing.

  • Intuitive Soul Reading

  • Past life Clearing

  • Soul Contract Removal.

  • Karmic/Timeline Clearing.

  • Soul Blueprint Activations


    Crystalline Reiki Healing

Belinda uses her own unique healing system that she has created. In general Reiki (also known as Chi) flows through every living being, it is our life force. This lovely modality helps to clear energy blockages that are possibly contributing to our physical illness and mental states. Belinda also incorporates Multidimensional soul healing that is suitable for each person’s soul frequency which allows her clients to experience ultimate oneness and accelerated healing.  


We each have different energetic bodies, chakra points, and meridian lines. This makes up our physical body. These energy systems are connected to various organs, cells, nervous systems, areas of ourselves and brain functions. Disharmony in any of these areas causes the points to become blocked and can disturb the natural energy flow in our physical body and balanced chemistry in our brain. This may also be the cause of low energy levels, pain, head fog, and some anxieties or depression. 


When Belinda is guided she also performs: Soul Retrieval, DNA updates or purification, Higher Self energy Downloads, and Soul Blueprint updates.   


Intuitive Soul Readings 

Belinda intuitively uses different techniques and oracle cards to connect to your Soul, Spirit Guides, Celestial Guides or Angels to receive information to assist you in receiving the best healing possible. 


Past Life Healing

For those that are open to the possibility of past lives affecting us today a past life healing into our past can be hugely beneficial as Parallels are often found between what's occurred in our past and what's happening to us today (most of the time Belinda will bring up one or more past lives that may be affecting your soul and needs clearing).  

Soul Contract Removal

Karmic Soul Timeline Clearing

Belinda includes Karmic clearings in all her sessions. Everything that has ever happened to us is permanently held in a karmic pattern or memory. These memories and distortions stay with us from lifetime to lifetime and are stored in our sub-consciousness, soul timeline, and energy fields. Karmic Clearing actually erases deep negative patterns that you have formed around these memories or traumatic experiences.


Karmic clearing will allow you to remove negative belief patterns, trauma, vows, agreements, contracts, promises, oaths and curses. Basically we make soul contracts or agreements with ourselves or with other people on an unconscious level in this life and in all of our past life incarnations. As we move out of our old outdated ways of living, these contracts are no longer relevant and are no longer serving us but are still binded to your soul and is therefore limiting your growth and blocking your potential to move forward or reach ultimate spiritual awareness. 


Karmic Clearing may also include removal of obstructions in your energy field such as:  implants, chakra manipulation (black holes, tears or rips), sealing and repairing rips in the energy bodies, parasites, any negative or forign energies or entity attachments and cords. 



A Path Towards Healing and Enlightement...

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