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Let your intuition do the shopping...

Raise your Vibe

Intuitively selected, High Vibing Crystals that will Cleanse, Align & Heal your Soul Needs. Raising consciousness & awareness within, bringing inner spiritual growth and an enhanced sense of well-being.


Light Blessings

Magically hand-poured and created with 100% Natural Soy Wax and scents. Every candle is intentionally blessed and infused with  Crystals & Botanicals, lifting the vibration of any space, connecting you to your heart and intuition.


Find your Magical Vibe

Handcrafted Limited Edition healing tools designed to enhance your intuition and signature soul gifts. 


Create your Sacred Space

These Powerful Crystal Infused Energetic Aromatherapy Mists will Shield, Cleanse and Enhance your Aura and Space by healing and shifting the vibration within you and around you. 


Expand your Knowledge

Explore The Inner Soul Healing & Sovereign Temple of Crystalline Consciousness Library.  

 Enlighten yourself and your soul journey.


Detox & Nurture

 Created with essential oils, healing salts & herbal remedies, these salt blends will bring blissful & uplifting energy to your cleansing experience.


Smoke Cleansing

Loving handcrafted for self-love ceremonies & removing any negative energy or intentions Allowing the energy of Love, Peace, & Harmony to be present again.


 Emotional Balance

Carefully chosen alchemy blends

using 100% Natural Essential Oils & Crystals to create emotional relief and healing.


Soul Alignment

Explore our specialized and carefully chosen bundles to help you embody your highest frequency and purpose. 

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