Signature Feather Wand - Self Love & Harmony

Introducing Inner Soul Healings exciting new range of boutique handmade Signature Feather Smudging Wands. They are a powerful healing tool and are a must have for your spiritual toolbox. Perfect for clearing your Aura of energetic debris as well as assisting you in smudging and cleansing your sacred space.


If you are an Energy Healer, this wand will be your best friend, as it helps you clear your clients Aura, energetic cords, ties and aids in the closing off process of grounding your client after a session.


Each wand is made up of ethically sourced turkey, peacock, pheasant and goose feathers, bringing in the air element. As well as a Selenite rod and crystal chips, to help enhance the frequency and vibrational energy of the wand.


This Self Love & Harmony wand with Rose Quartz crystal chips aids in bringing peace, love and harmony within a person or space. Use this wand to spread love to yourself from within and to create a harmonious sacred space for yourself, your clients and your loved ones. The Rose Quartz crystals send wave after wave of love and acceptance in a high frequency which will enable your vibration to lift to a much lighter existence and allow harmony to radiate out past your Aura and energetic bodies.



For Space Use: While using a smudging stick, wave this wand over the smoke to release around the space, starting at the doorways and windows meeting into the middle of the room. Always smudge with intention and make sure the room is still well ventilated.
For Personal Use: While setting the intention for yourself, wave the wand from head to toe in big circular movements until you are called to stop.
For Your Client: While your client is laying down, use this wand to cut any energetic cords, ties and any other debris you find in their energy field. Use big sweeping motions to clear the energetic clutter and allow time for your client to adjust.


** These crystals have been cleared, blessed and programmed with the central sun and crystalline temple healing energy.


** This Signature Feather Wand will be intuitively picked and programmed specifically for you.


DISCLAIMER: All products are ethically sourced and are cruelty free. If you are sensitive to strong aromas, essential oils or heavy smoke, please take care using this product.

Signature Feather Wand - Self Love & Harmony