Palo Santo Wand  - Cleansing Bundle

This Palo Santo Clearing Kit enables you to clear all stale and stagnant negative energies out for your home or sacred space. Palo Santo has been used for centuries to ward off evil spirits and help maintain a positive spiritual practice. With the use of crystals in this kit, it super charges your clearing to give you peace of mind that you are keeping within your energetic boundaries and creating a harmonious and peaceful environment.


We have put a Rose Quartz crystal chip onto the Palo Santo to help raise the vibration and love in your clearing. The Selenite Crystal Rod, helps anchor in the Crystalline New Earth Energy to aid in the new vibe you are creating. Use the small feather to help fan the smoke around your space. And lastly there is a beautiful Rose Quartz Heart Pendant that you can wear while you are clearing the energies to keep your heart in alignment, and fill your aura with love and compassion.  


This kit includes:

1 x Palo Santo Stick with a Rose Quartz chip

1 x Selenite Crystal Rod

1 x Small Feather

1 x Rose Quartz Heart Pendant


** These crystals have been cleared, blessed and programmed with the central sun and crystalline temple healing energy.


** This kit will be intuitively picked and programmed specifically for you.

Palo Santo Wand - Cleansing Bundle