Strength Mandala Lightcode Crystal Grid

Lightcode Name: Strength
Crystals: Black Onyx, Carnelian & Black Tourmaline
A Mandala Lightcode Crystal Grid is a special grouping of crystals laid out in a particular formation on top of your grid. When created and empowered with sacred intention, each crystal within the grid amplifies the qualities and energy of the other crystals. Lines of high frequency within your grid link the crystals and creates a powerful amplifier in your life while active.
The grid has chosen particular crystals to amplify and channel their energies together with your lightcode grid to manifest different purposes. Mandala lightcode crystal grids have been created using blueprints of crystalline consciousness and new earth frequencies that connects to your soul and surroundings, making adjustments as needed.  
The Strength lightcode has been created to help us in times we need extra strength and assistance in times of change, stress and hardship. Our spirit guides and loved ones can be called upon with this lightcode to assist us with big decisions, when we need to stand in our power or just when we need a boost of strength for the pressures of everyday life. 
1x A5 Shadow Box Frame: Strength. 
1x Main Crystal: Black Onyx:Gives us strength, releases negativity and also protects us especially during turmoil. 

9x Crystal Chips: Carnelian: Boosts you with courage and confidence to help find your inner strength. It is also a great grounding crystal to keep you anchored in the present.
9x Crystal Chips: Black Tourmaline:Does the duty of both the other stones in one package, so will really amplify the qualities needed. It is the strongest protection crystal there is, and it also grounds your energy to help you stand in your power.

Strength Mandala Lightcode Crystal Grid