Communication Mandala Lightcode Crystal Grid

Lightcode Name: Communication
Crystals: Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst & Clear Quartz 
A Mandala Lightcode Crystal Grid is a special grouping of crystals laid out in a particular formation on top of your grid. When created and empowered with sacred intention, each crystal within the grid amplifies the qualities and energy of the other crystals. Lines of high frequency within your grid link the crystals and creates a powerful amplifier in your life while active.
The grid has chosen particular crystals to amplify and channel their energies together with your lightcode grid to manifest different purposes. Mandala lightcode crystal grids have been created using blueprints of crystalline consciousness and new earth frequencies that connects to your soul and surroundings, making adjustments as needed.  
The Communication lightcode has been created to help assist you in improving your communication whether in a relationship, for work or just in general. This lightcode will improve not only your confidence in speaking clearly and articulately, it will also aid in improving your listening skills. You will listen to understand, not just to respond. It will also help keep your throat chakra cleansed and open while in use.

1x A5 Shadow Box Frame: Communication. 

1x Main Crystal:Sodalite: Is a fantastic stone for calm, logic, truth, enhanced positivity & improved communication. All of these help you connect and truly understand when you communicate with others. 

9x Crystal Chips: Lapis Lazuli: Helps with understanding, truth, wisdom and knowledge. It is also a great stone to help clear your throat chakra.

9x Crystal Chips: Clear Quartz: Is a universal master stone which amplifies positivity and purifies all other crystals it is placed with.

9x Crystal Chips: Amethyst: Is known as a powerful protection crystal, but it is also very good at stimulating and soothing the mind. It keeps your crown chakra open and also aids in amazing spiritual connection and communication

Communication Mandala Lightcode Crystal Grid