Crystalline Energy Mist– SheildMe



NameSheildMe – Aura Strength. Healthy Boundaries

Crystal: Obsidian

Essential Oils: Frankincense, Rose Geranium & Laurel Leaf

Size: 100ml


This Sacred Mist of SheildMe has been created to strengthen your energy field and protect you and your energy from outside influences.

This blend has been infused with an obsidian crystal energy and even comes with a few tumbled stones in it to keep your mist buzzing with energy! Enjoy the healing and spiritual essential oil properties of Frankincense, Rose Geranium& Laurel Leaf.

Use this mist if you are socializing with different people and spending extended periods of time in a busy place.


The SheildMe Mist can also be used on all devices emitting electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic fields of radiation are around you constantly with today’s technology and can be overwhelming for sensitive people. This mist can be safely sprayed around all devices from a distance to help block out radiation and protect your energy field.


This mist is also great to use before a treatment or before doing any psychic or spiritual work, to stop your energy fields becoming too open or sensitive to heavier or low vibrating energies.


For Space Use: Spray in each corner of the room and around any objects.
For Personal Use: Spray the front and back of your body and above your head for maximum effect.


DISCLAIMER:All products are ethically sourced and are cruelty free. If you are sensitive to strong aromas, essential oils or heavy smoke, please take care using this product.


Crystalline Energy Mist– SheildMe