Caribbean Blue Calcite (Rare) - Crystalline Tower

Caribbean Blue Calcite is a deeply soothing and restorative crystal. As the name suggests, it’s light aqua blue colour and deep brown/tan Argonite tones remind you of the crystal blue waters of the tropical Caribbean. You get lost in its energy of relaxation and can almost hear the gentle waves lapping on the sandy shore.


Use this crystal to bring peace to your thoughts and clarity for any situation. Calming the mind, relaxing the body and cleansing your aura of static energy are just some of its wonderful spiritual abilities.


This crystal is a must for any lightworker, healer or empath who needs to unwind and relax after a heavy day of energetic healings and spiritual work.


** These crystals have been cleared, blessed and programmed with the central sun and crystalline temple healing energy.


** This crystal will be intuitively picked and programmed specifically for you.

Caribbean Blue Calcite (Rare) - Crystalline Tower