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Please have a browse through our support network of qulified practitioners in your area.

These beautiful practitioners are connected in to the New Concsiousness and Movement on the Earth and are passionate about their true calling.  They all offer their own unique gifts and healings.







Victoria, Australia

Angelic Reiki By Danielle

Cranbourne East, Victoria

Practitioner Name: Danielle Arthur

Completed levels: 1, 2, Masters

Description: On my spiritual journey I have found I am blessed with some amazing gifts to share. I can connect into spirit, which helps give a more detailed and loving card reading, in a safe and beautiful environment to heal, laugh and learn.

Services: Angel Tarot Card Readings, Clairvoyant, Psychic Readings, Rune Readings, Angelic Celestial Reiki, Distant Healing

Contact: 0414 271 050

Viktoria's Art Soul Healing

Dandenong, Victoria.

Practitioner Name: Viktoria Veide.

Completed levels: 1, 2, Masters


Description: I am a Certified Master of Reiki and Angelic-Celestial Reiki. Over the years i have studied all forms of art and Psychic energy drawings. I now use my intuition to deliver insights to help people find there true self through energy art. This is my true purpose and calling. 


Services: : Coffee Imprint Reading+ Art Soul drawing (Your Higher Self  will help you to awaken and to remember your true self in revealing your divine soul gifts and talents)


Contact: 0420 245 090.


Infinity Soul Coaching

Mont Albert North, Victoria.

Practitioner Name: Rajinder Atwal

Completed levels: 1, 2, Masters

Description: Mother to a beautiful crystal child that has spent the last 10 years learning, growing, developing, understanding and healing in order to honour my soul's journey as well as to help my crystal child fulfil his. I have learnt about the Universe, and how it really works. I have also learnt about Energy Healing. But, most importantly, I have learnt about myself and what my purpose here is on Earth. I have been shown the bigger picture of why I went through my journey...of why anyone goes through their journey. This understanding has allowed me to accept, heal and move on. And, now, I am using this knowledge and the skills I have learnt to help others to also understand, accept, heal, and move on from the challenges in their lives.

Services: EFT (Tapping); Coaching/Counselling; Angelic Celestial Reiki; Bush Flower Essences; Psych-K


Celestial Soul Therapies

Greensborough, Victoria.

Practitioner Name: Alyssa Montagna

Completed levels: 1, 2, Masters


Description: Alyssa is a certified Angelic Reiki Master and Multidimensional Intuitive Healer. Over the years she has explored and opened many of her own unique gifts and knowledge, that she now shares with many of her clients from her home based practise. She works with the divine cosmos and uses pure intention and always creates a safe and peaceful environment to allow the best healing to take place.


Services: Celestial Soul Therapies offers, Chakra Healing/Balancing, Meridian Clearing, Angelic Reiki, Karmic Clearing, Intuitive Readings, Celestial Healing, Crystal Healing and Spirit Attachment removal.  


Contact:  0421 643 061


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