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Becoming Spiritually Sensitive

becoming spiritually sensitive

Why does life seem harder at times the more spiritually aware we become? There are a number of reasons why life can seem to have more of an impact on your aw

areness and how you view your life when we start to become spiritually aware of energy. Our consciousness starts to pick up on things which never may have been brought to our attention to begin with. The reason why we start to feel more energy is because your mind has expanded more into possibilities of what may be currently effecting you or what may be affecting your family or friends! After all we are all interconnected aren't we? And once we become more spiritually aware we start to tap into the divine consciousness of all that is. You have plugged yourself back into the true essence of who we are and we start to feel things that are effecting us more than ever before. We start to realize negative self talk in our mind, we feel high or low around different people we talk to on a daily basis or perhaps places that never felt toxic before have now been brought into your awareness that you can no longer stay in that place for long periods of time before you find your energy has been drained or you start to get moody and snappy for no reason at all. The reason why we feel all these feelings and emotions is because we are no longer sleeping. You have woken up to a world that is something much different to what it may present itself to be and you are now feeling real emotions and energies that exist all around you and within you. You are now becoming aware of what is holding you back, which is why many of us turn to healing our inner layers and healing our souls from karmic suffering. We as souls have many layers of hidden blockages that start to become noticeable in our everyday living. Once we start to become more consciously aware of these feelings and blockages, if left unworked on we as spiritual beings start to feel an overwhelming rush of emotions that at times seem like a whole ocean front to deal with and can cause a lot of confusion about who we are and where our journey is taking us. Remember that it is called a journey for a reason. We are not meant to become fully aware or in balance overnight, we must work towards our inner enlightenment and continue to work on our layers or blockages as they come up on our journey. This is the true path to reaching true consciousness and moving towards our true selves and our purpose!!!!! So take it slow and remember to always keep working on yourself and you will in time be able to control the world around you and not allow the illusion of life to take you on a false journey. Awaken to yourself one step at a time and never align your journey to anyone else's. We have incarnated here on earth for different purposes and it is up to us to shift our blockages from all times of existences, after all it is your stuff so take responsibility for it, take back your power, walk your own path of truth and most importantly never give up! You are experiencing this for a reason and you are so much more powerful and stronger than you may be feeling at the moment. Always have trust in yourself and your inner guidance will lead the way to possibilities you never imagined you could reach. For now I give you all my love and blessings as you continue your infinite paths of awakening to your true source energy. Let your beautiful light and soul light the way one step at a time! Remember there is no rush! You are exactly where you need to be at this point in time on your journey, so breath, embrace it, accept it, let it go and allow it to empower you to move forward. Love and light Belinda, xxx

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