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Sat, 06 Aug


Online Zoom

Crystalline Consciousness Ascension Training - Level 1

Signature Certification Course

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Crystalline Consciousness Ascension Training - Level 1
Crystalline Consciousness Ascension Training - Level 1

Time & Location

06 Aug 2022, 10:00 am AEST

Online Zoom

About the event

The Crystalline Consciousness Level One Course is all about learning to connect to the New Earth energy and Celestial Forces of light. These energies are here to help us all in our ascension and spiritual awakening process and create a calm and enjoyable experience as we discover hidden parts of our soul that is still sitting in fear, trauma, shock, and limited beliefs or contacts that is keeping us enslaved within the matrix and old black magic Earth. 

These distorted parts of ourselves are hidden from our normal everyday awareness and we have come to accept these distortions within our soul as part of our normal living not realizing how much of an impact it is playing within us and our lives.

This course is intensive in a way that your mirror and shadow will be constantly in your face and your ego will try to flare up. It is our responsibly to heal these aspects of ourselves and understand it is merely an illusion that is ready to be healed accept and loved again.

This consciousness used to exist in Atlantis and Lemuria times and the process of clearing can feel very advanced and futuristic. But indeed, it is very ancient and has been around for eons of time we have just forgotten our Crystalline Temple ways due to the conditioning of humanity over time. 

Prior to the downfall of the golden age, which we are now moving into again, there used to be Crystalline Temples all over the Earth that were multi dimensionally connected to celestial assistance and guides. This is the same consciousness we are going to be re awakening within you.

The processes are done in a way that is important to be followed as we need to honour the process of different level energy and structures that need to be addressed first before reaching higher levels of enlightenment and understandings. The frequency of your soul needs to be healed and raised first in order for us to be able to hold such light codes within us again.


If you would like to join us on this wonderful journey of self-discovery and spiritual ascension development practice, please read more about the topics we cover and what you will receive below:


Crystalline Consciousness Level One Course includes:

  • A total of "4x group workshops" which includes practice time and a Crystalline Consciousness Level One Course Manual sent to you by post or PDF Format. 
  • Certified Crystalline Consciousness Level One Course Certificate upon completion

We also highly recommend purchasing our: 

  • Becoming Sovereign with the New Earth Crystalline Consciousness – Exiting the Matrix book by Belinda Dervisevic. It is a basic introduction into these ascension teachings for this course and will be a requirement of reading and performing all processes in the book before proceeding ahead with this course.
  • Crystalline Healing Temple – Mantra Oracle Cards by Inner Soul Healing. These are healing mantra cards that assist you in your healing and introduce you to the celestial energies that are here to help guide you on your spiritual ascension journey.

Both of these items are available for purchase online at


In order to receive your Crystalline Consciousness Level One Certificate upon completion, you must meet the requirements of: Present attendance for all classes held & Have completed all practical demonstrations with a Qualified Teacher


Prerequisites: The Crystalline Consciousness Level One Course is open to anyone with a heightened spiritual ability and can demonstrate holding their intuitive channel without interference. 

You will also be required to have read the “Becoming Sovereign” book by Belinda Dervisevic and performed all of the procedures to sign up to this Level One course.


The Crystalline Consciousness Level One Course Structure includes the following topics and procedures:

  • Introduction to Crystalline Consciousness New Earth teachings
  • Crystalline Consciousness Group Declaration – An Enforcement of declaration of Universal Laws of Sovereignty and Exiting the Matrix
  • Crystalline Consciousness Temple Space Teachings
  • Crystalline POD - Teaching/Activation of Crystalline POD
  • Grand Sweeping Mantra Procedure  
  • Archon Parasite - Teaching/Archon Parasite Clearing
  • Crystalline Central Sun Advanced Flush
  • Illuminati, Annunaki and Mason Device/Implant/ChipRemoval Procedure
  • Contract Removal Teaching/Clearing Procedure
  • Dracs and Reptilians Teachings/Clearing Procedure
  • Removing Pain Body Teaching/Clearing Procedure
  • Energetic Parasites - Teaching/Clearing Procedure for Blood, Brain and Spinal pathways
  • Advanced Cord Cutting - Teaching/Clearing Procedure
  • Scanning and Clearing the Aura Teaching/Clearing Procedure
  • Multi-dimensional Energetic System Teachings/Clearing Procedure

Class Details:

Location: Online – Zoom Meeting

Duration: classes are held over 4 days – 2 weekends in August 2022



Weekend 1:  August 2022 - Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th

Weekend 2:  August 2022 - Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th​​

Time: 10am – 4.00pm

Energy Exchange/Price: $2,250 pp. for a 4 day intensive course, for those wanting to develop their spiritual ascension gifts and skills with like minded people in a safe and friendly learning environment. 

New Earth Teachers: Belinda & Danielle 

PLACES ARE LIMITED for this life changing course, email today or register online. 

We kindly advise that you message us before signing up to this course. 



  • Crystalline Ascension Level 1

    Signature Certification Course




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