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Divine Sea Salt Bath

Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body & Soul







Just a little something to remind everyone how important it truly is to take out some time for ourselves!!!

YES, we are all aloud to be selfish and put our needs first. Its actually perfectly healthy so no excuses! Besides, most of us have a bath tub in our home that just mostly sits there so it's time to put it to some good use and discharge your energy .......


What you will need:

- Rock sea salt (2-4 handful) 

-Magnesium Flakes (2tps-optional: can help with joint pain or inflammation due to stress or overwhelm) 

- Lavender oil and any other oils you may like (add couple drops to your water of each oil)

- Crystals and Flowers of your choice to be placed in bathtub (Energise your water) 

- Candles to enhance your relaxation

- Frankensence essence stick or Sage (to remove any negative energy In your bathroom to keep your environment cleansed while you detox) 

- Relaxation music of your choice (set the mood right!) 

Once you have everything done place both hands ontop of the water and say:

"I ask for the divine cosmic energy available to me to fully purify this water with the highest vibration possible please let this salt discharge my body of all negative energy while these crystals and flowers recharge and energise me. please purify my mind removing any negative thoughts while I restore myself back into blissfulness and harmony so I can enjoy being me with a clear mind and body filled with love and light! Thank you thank you thank you"

Now jump into your warm energised water and let the divine energies do there thing!!! Trust and believe and just unwind fully enjoy this moment!! Because you deserve it.

If your feeling really toxic repeat this every night for one week you will truly feel the difference. 

Love and light
Belinda, xx


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