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Level 1 and 2


Course Overview for the Crystalline Reiki Level 1 & 2

Embark on a personal journey of healing and growth and improve your health and well-being by discovering the amazing ability your consciousness has to heal yourself and those around you. 

The Crystalline Reiki Lv 1 & 2 course takes you through the original understanding of Usui Reiki and then teaches you to work with higher Vibrational Channels which includes two highly unique and empowering attunements. It also explores different forms of our energetic systems, crystals, removing blockages techniques, colour therapy and introduces you to the Inner Soul Healing Crystalline Energy Mists and your personal empowerment crystal.

The Crystalline Reiki course is specifically designed to assist you whether you choose to use Crystalline Reiki for yourself, family and friends, or offer it as a professional holistic healing modality.

Crystalline Reiki level 1&2 includes:

  • A total of 4x group workshops which includes: hands-on practice time

  • 2x Manuals- Beautifully Illustrated and paperback printed. 

  • Includes 5x Inner Soul Healing Crystalline Energy Mists.All Crystalline Energy Mists have been channelled with pure Vibrational energy. Each mist is unique and assists both your energetic body and your surroundings. The Crystalline Reiki course will teach you how to use the mists as an extra tool in your toolbox for healing.

  • You will receive 2x Crystalline Reiki Attunements. This Attunement is an enhanced version of the original Ushi Reiki Attunement being offered. 

  • Upon successful completion, you will receive an Crystalline Reiki Practitioner Certificate 

Prerequisites: Crystalline Reiki Level 1&2 is open to anyone wishing to attend this course or wanting to upgrade an existing Reiki qualification.This course is suitable for anyone wanting to use this healing melody for personal spiritual development or practitioner use. 

Requirements: In order to receive your Certificate upon completion, you must meet the requirements of receiving 2x Crystalline Reiki Attunements, present attendance for all classes held, and have complete all prac demonstrations with a qualified Teacher

Crystalline Reiki level 1 & 2 Course Structure includes the following 10 modules


Module 1- Traditional Reiki

  • What is Reiki?

  • A Little Bit of Reiki History.

  • Your Linage.

  • The 5 Reiki Principles.

Module 2- The Energetic System

  • Our Energetic System.

  • Subtle Bodies & Layers.

  • Meridian Lines & Points.

  • Cosmic Meridian Flush.

  • Looking After Your Energy System.

  • Grounding Teaching.

  • Tree of Life - Grounding Procedure.

  • Protection Teaching.

  • Crystalline Aura Protection Procedure.

  • Cleansing Teaching.

  • Crystalline Violet Flame Light -

  • Cleansing meditation.

Module 3- Chakras

  • Introduction on Chakras.

  • Chakra Chart.

  • Chakra tunning.

Module 4 – Crystalline Reiki

  • Crystalline Reiki.

  • Welcoming in your Higher Self.

  • Higher Self Alignment Process.

  • Channelling Crystalline Light Energy.

  • Understanding Different Spirit Guides.


Module 5- Attunements

  • 2 Crystalline Reiki Attunements

  • Understanding your Attunement

Module 6- Treatments

  • The Hand Positions

  • Giving a treatment (Front and Back)

  • Sitting Treatment

  • Self-treatment

Module 7- Symbols

3 x Reiki Symbols

2 x Crystalline Reiki Symbols

Module 8- Symbols & Distant Healing

  • The 3 sacred reiki symbols.

  • Cho Ku Rei.

  • Sie He Kei.

  • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

  • Drawing the Reiki symbols.

  • The 2 Sacred Crystalline Reiki Symbols.

  • Infinte.

  • Unity.

  • Drawing the Crystalline Reiki Symbols.

  • Distant Healing.

Module 9- Removing Blockages

  • Power of your Intention.

  • Using Your Intuition.

  • Interview with your Ego Spread.

  • Crystalline Reiki Healing Techniques.

  • Crystal Healing.

  • Top 7 Crystalline Reiki Crystals.

  • Cleansing Crystals.

  • Energizing Crystals.

  • Programming Crystals.

  • Using your Empowerment Crystal.

  • Essential Oils.

  • Color Therapy- Chromotherapy.

  • Color Chart Guide.


Module 10- Crystalline Reiki Practitioner Level Treatments

  • Practitioner Guide.

  • Practitioner Treatments - Step by Step Guide.

Class Details

Narre Warren. 3805 Melbourne.

Duration: classes are held over 2 weekends with 1 week off between levels 1 and 2 to allow growth and integration of attunements and knowledge.


Weekend 1

September 2021- Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th


Weekend 2

September 2021- Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th

Time : 11am – 4.00pm

Investment/Energy Exchange: $1,250p.p * ($250 deposit is required to secure your spot) *Non-refundable Price Includes: 4 day course that will continue your journey of change and healing, your own Crystalline Reiki manual to take home, certificate of completion to an Crystalline Reiki Practitioner AND a take home channelled starter kit.

*NOTE: After Deposit has been paid there is a balance of $1,000 which needs to be paid one week prior to course starting date.

*Morning & Afternoon coffee, tea and snacks will be available, please BYO Lunch.


PLACES ARE LIMITED for this life changing workshop, so call or email today to secure your spot! 



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