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Mother Earth Cleansing















As a result to our day to day life depending on our environment it is highly important to release any negativity/unwanted energy that has leeched onto you throughout the day. This also includes other people's emotions and thoughts sent to you too, which all play a huge impact on how we may feel and think.


This is one of the many techniques out there but i feel this technique gives me an instant boost when needed...


Before walking into your home or anytime you feel you need to release:


-Place your hands on a patch of grass or dirt and ask Mother Earth to help you take away any negativity you may have attached to your body or aura.


-Take a few deep breaths and imagine any blackness around you disappearing and coming out through your hands. (take as many deep breaths as needed).


-Ask Mother Earth to recharge your energy again while imagining crystalline white light energy coming back up through your hands and cleansing your whole body. 


This is a highly effective technique and you will feel the difference straight away. It's also helps to keep your house cleansed leaving all unwanted energy outside your doorstep if you remember to do this before entering your house. 


Remember, Mother Earth will be happy to transform your energy anytime, when asked nicely ofcoure.  :)


Love and light 

Belinda, xx 


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