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Specialized Workshop - Clearing Black Magic/Evil Eye. Presented by Inner Soul Healing.

Do you feel like someone has put a curse or hex on you? Sent you the evil eye? Well, this workshop is for you! We will undertake a massive day of healing out all Evil Eye, curses, hexes, ill intent, black magic and programming that is harmful to you and your spiritual journey moving forward. 

Black Magic/Evil Eye is a very dense and low level alchemy designed to sit in your energy field and cause disruption, bad luck and chaos into your soul, mental state and timeline.

Some Symptoms of having black magic active are:

  • Unexplained or sudden nausea 

  • Intense headaches or sudden illness

  • Disturbed sleep/nightmares

  • Intense overwhelm or feelings of chaos or impending doom.

  • Paranoia and anxiety- feelings of being watched

  • Seeing or feeling shadow figures 

  • Feeling stagnant and drained 

  • Attracting bad luck in your everyday life

  • Feeling blocked with manifesting - cant move forward

We will explore and heal the following: Please note this is just a guideline

  • Clearing Black Magic out of your chakras and energy bodies

  • Clearing Curses, Hexes, Spells and Evil Eye

  • Clearing Black Magic sigils and symbols 

  • Removing Sub-Consciousness superstition beliefs & programming

  • Higher Self - Intensive Rebirthing into your highest timeline and frequency

  • Upgrading all new blueprints and encodings that your soul needs moving forward

WHEN: Sunday 17th of October 2021

TIME: 12:00pm-3:00pm (Melbourne, Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)) 

WHERE: Online Workshop Via Zoom

Energy exchange/Price: $350pp -for a 3-hour intensive healing and those wanting to get together with like-minded people in a safe environment and interested in spiritual development and healing.

$50 Deposit must be paid to secure your spot. 

I look forward to sharing this amazing day with you!

Please Email to book a spot as places are limited!


About frequency shift power classes 

When you get stuck on the spiritual path and feel like you are constantly healing the same repeating negative patterns and beliefs, it is time for crystalline healing assistance. The only real way to expose and shift out these debilitating systems and negative energies is with a massive frequency shift. This is not just a normal healing, real deep seeded dark systems need to be removed and lighter, more productive and positive blueprints need to be embedded into you, helping you move more into your souls purpose and light.

These frequency shifting intensive classes are created to remove your density and lower self with a major vibrational shift, setting you into a much higher and lighter frequency. It will focus on a different theme every month which will work on clusters and lifetimes of blockages within you. We will use many different modalities depending on what is required for the chosen theme that day. It may include such things as sound healing and chanting, high vibration healing card spreads, mantra work and many other high level healing modalities.

Be prepared to have your life changed by these amazing intensive workshops.

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