Are You Ready To Go from Lightworker To Lightwarrior?

Welcome to The New Crystalline Earth!

Let love and light be your loving guide and learn about the hidden worlds and elites. Enlighten yourself with different spiritual awareness that is connected to the old earth keeping you locked in density and false Ascension.


You are gifted and powerful! Its time to free your soul and heal yourself with life changing step-by-step procedures gifted to you by your loving Cosmic Celestial Guides and The Crystalline Consciousness to help assist you to disconnect from many outdated fear based beliefs and matrix systems and allow more freedom, love, light, protection and peace in your journey as you move back into your true light Sovereignty.

It’s time to take charge of your soul evolution as we move into 5th Dimensional Consciousness and a whole new light Paradigm.

Belinda's Words of Love & Gratitude.

“Gratitude breathes magic into life. It turns what we have into enough, It turns denial into acceptance, darkness into light, chaos into order and confusion into clarity. Gratitude brings compassion to your wounds and peace into your present.“

From My Heart to Yours

I Appreciate You And Your Loving Support

It is up to us all collectively to choose the reality we wish to create. We can only do so when we are calm within ourselves and at peace with our light and the world around us.

As I created this book, I have grown into my true light and become Sovereign with it, and now...IT'S YOUR TURN!

May this book be a reminder for you to stay focused in your heart and come into a place of healing, peace, surrender, and love.

As you dive deep into this infinite wisdom and remember you're true light, Reviews are welcome and would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Sending you love and blessings on your journey.

Love and Light,


Your Loving New Earth, Spiritual Guide & Teacher

Belinda Dervisevic xxx

Becoming Sovereign New Earth Crystalline Consciousness Exiting the Matrix Healing Spiritual Ascension Karmic Healing Belinda Dervisevic

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