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Couse Overview for Crystalline Masters

The Master's course is all about “Mastering the Self” and takes you through an exciting journey of self-discovery and spiritual awareness, allowing you to fully release all the layers that no longer serve you.

The Crystalline Reiki Masters Course takes you through the original understanding of Usui Reiki Masters and then continues to explore deeper levels of working with your Crystalline Reiki channels. It explores different forms of Spiritual Awareness, Crystal Gridding, Aura Therapy and introduces you to Multidimensional Healing plus so much more!


The Crystalline Reiki Masters course is specifically designed to assist you whether you choose to use Crystalline Reiki for yourself, family and friends, or offer it as a holistic healing modality.

Be prepared to step into your divine inner power and embrace a new sense of your true self!

Crystalline Reiki Master level includes:

  • A total of "5x group workshops" working with Crystalline Reiki at an extended level which includes: hands-on practice time and a take-home Crystalline Reiki Masters Manual


  • You will also complete "2x Intensive - one on one appointments" with your Qualified Teacher/s to help you step into your true light self and mastery.


  • You will receive "1x Crystalline Reiki Masters Attunement". This Attunement is an enhanced version of the original Usui Reiki Masters Attunement being offered.

  • Certified Crystalline Reiki Masters Certificate upon completion.

In order to receive your Masters Certificate upon completion, you must meet the requirements of:


  • Receiving the Crystalline Reiki Master Attunement.

  • Present attendance for all classes held.

  • Have completed all prac demonstrations with a Qualified Teacher.

The Crystalline Reiki Masters Course is open to anyone who:

  • Has successfully completed Crystalline Reiki Levels 1 & 2

  • Wanting to upgrade an existing Reiki Master Qualification (must show Certificate) 


The Crystalline Reiki Master level Course Structure includes the following 5 modules:


Module 1 – Exploring Spiritual Awareness

  • The Role of a Master.

  • Before we Incarnate.

  • The Ego.

  • Ego Procedure.

  • Knowing Balance.

  • Belief Systems.


Module 2–Crystalline Reiki Master Symbols

  • Reiki Master Symbols.

  • Tibetan Dai Ko Myo. 

  • Usui Dai Ko Myo.

  • Nin Giz Zida.

  • Drawing the Reiki Master Symbols.

  • Crystalline Reiki Master Light Codes.

  • Pleiadian Light Encoding.

  • Sirius Light Encoding.

  • Drawing the Light Codes.

  • Discovering your own Master Symbol

  • My Crystalline Reiki Master Symbol


Module 3 -Celestial Rays of Empowerment

  • Celestial Rays of Empowerment.

  • Pleiadians - Emissaries of Light.

  • Sirians - Emissaries of Light.

  • Arcturians - Emissaries of Light.

  • Andromedans - Emissaries of Light.

  • Cosmic Council of Light.

  • Galactic Core Vacuum.


Module 4- Crystalline Reiki Master Techniques

  • Advanced Protection.

  • Diamond of Light - Protection Procedure.

  • Crystal Healing - Gridding Guide.

  • Crystal Grid - Body Layout.

  • Aura Cleansing.

  • Aura Snap Shot Procedure.

  • The 10 Aura Colours.

  • Aura Frequency.

  • Extended Fingers Technique.

  • Identifying Obstructions.

  • Identifying Obstructions Exercise.

Module 5– Karmic and Timeline Healing

  • Reincarnation & Past Lives.

  • Entity Awareness.

  • Contracts and Agreements.

  • Healing your Shadow.

  • Shadow Healing Spread.

  • The Power of Revocations.

  • Revocation Mantra Procedure.

Final Thoughts- Conclusion-Words of Wisdom-Continuing your Journey 

Class Details:

Narre Warren. 3805 Melbourne.

Duration: classes are held over 2 months


Weekend 1

November 2021- Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th


Weekend 2

November 2021- Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th

Personal Empowerment Sessions: 2x Appointments 


December 2021- Saturday 4th

Time : 11am – 4.00pm

Investment/Energy Exchange: $1,550p.p * ($250 deposit is required to secure your spot) *Non-refundable Price Includes: a 5-day course that will continue your journey of change and healing, your own Crystalline Reiki manual to take home and certificate of completion to a Crystalline Reiki Master.

*NOTE: After Deposit has been paid there is a balance of $1,300 which needs to be paid one week prior to the course starting date.

*Morning & Afternoon coffee, tea and snacks will be available, please BYO Lunch. 
Food shops are available at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre for those wishing to purchase lunch.


PLACES ARE LIMITED for this life changing workshop, so call or email today to secure your spot! 


Contact Us To Reserve Your Spot

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