About Belinda....

Belinda Pusca'Dervisevic is the owner of Inner Soul Healing and is an experienced Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioner,  New Earth & Ascension Teacher, Celestial High Priestess, Multidimensional Healer & Soul Reader. Belinda is highly intuitive and experienced in the healing of, Chakras, Energy Systems, Past life and Karmic Clearings.


Spirituality has been a part of Belinda’s life from a very young age and heighten after Belinda finish her University Studies. She knew she had a higher calling that she had been ignoring for too long. Through her life experiences of having to battle her own anxieties and come to terms that she had intuitive abilities to 'feel' and 'see' things others were not aware about brought her much confusion and heartache while growing up.


In 2012, Belinda took action to seek out spiritual help and since then has meet many wonderful souls who have assisted her to understand her intuitive gifts. Although little did she know her spiritual journey of enlightenment was only just starting. 


After intense accelerated healing on herself and many long nights of research and studying, her intuitive gifts became heighten and allowed her consciousness to tap into 'Universal' energy that has allowed her to intuitively channel and understand the concept of the world we live in today and how the soul and the human body works energetically.  


Belinda has grown closer and more passionate about her inner calling and has stepped into her life purpose to shine light on others going through their own spiritual path. 


Today, Belinda runs a busy practice from Narre Warren, Melbourne where she conducts her private consultations and teaches unique and empowering workshops.   

Belinda works with the Divine Cosmos and uses pure divine intentions. Belinda is able to connect with the root of a problem when conducting her sessions then connects to the aligned healing energies that is suitable for your souls healing/spiritual growth. 

Belinda aims to empower all her clients and students by allowing them to reconnect back to their true self’s by unlocking and removing limiting belief systems and blockages within our energetic field and sub-conscious minds.

The more Belinda expanded her gifts and knowledge, the more she realised she needed a helping hand. Belinda Manifested  Danielle a chief overseer to come into her life and so she did. They discovered that each of their gifts were complimentary to one another, and they had each found there yin to yang!

Meet Danielle...  The chief overseer of behind the scenes at Inner Soul Healing who keeps the energy anchored and grounded.

Danielle met Belinda, after struggling with her awakening process, and sought help to understand what was going on with her soul journey. After her first healing session she could no longer deny her gifts and decided to embrace them with love and understanding honoring her purpose. 

With Belinda’s higher realm frequency energy and Danielle's grounded anchoring energy, they have become the perfect pair to push Inner Soul Healing into the new Crystalline Consciousness energy and welcome you along for the ride. 

Belinda and Danielle each hold  unique polar opposite parts in their Grand Vision to offer you Global Awakening and Ascension help. Bringing you Unique New Earth Products, Spiritual Development help, Crystalline Consciousness Knowledge and Daily Inspiration. 

Danielle also offers her own services helping heal people and guide's them with their soul’s purpose. With her ability to connect to spirits, she can give a very detailed reading that puts the client’s mind at ease in a friendly and caring environment.


To find out more about Danielle services please visit her website: www.angelicreikibydanielle.com



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