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with Crystalline Consciousness!


At Inner Soul Healing, we are all about spiritual, as well as physical health and well-being. As humanity has grown more abundant with knowledge and technologies, we have lost sight of our most basic wisdom from the past and the natural world. We bring you handcrafted products to help you reconnect with that ancient wisdom and help fulfill your greatest intentions for your past, present and future.


The Crystalline Consciousness is the New Earth frequency on the Earth. This Consciousness has birthed some very special healing products for all of us to enjoy as we move back into your true light Sovereignty. Each and every product is alive and aligned with Crystalline Consciousness and made with a specific purpose.


Are you ready to connect to the Crystalline Consciousness?

All product components have been ethically sourced, cleansed, blessed and attuned to give you piece of mind that you are only dealing with positive intentions for your soul evolution.